Insert Stonks Whitepaper

Bridging the Gaps Between Gamers, Developers, and Investors through Web 3.0

Insert Mission

The mission of Insert Stonks is to boost game developers’ profits and enable gamers to earn real money doing what they love - playing games. Gamers can have true ownership over digital assets and be rewarded for their time and skill through cutting edge monetisation models. A tailored set of tools makes it easier than ever for developers to build true open economies out of their games, without the need for extra coding. Insert Stonks is made to advance the gaming industry and serve the greater gaming community.

Current Problems with web 3.0 Game Monetization

Current web 3.0 enabled games mostly attract attention due to their money-making potential. As the novelty wears off and competition grows, web 3.0 games will first need to be great games, then incorporate web 3.0 based economic models and have blockchain tech implemented into their games.
  1. 1.
    Each game is different and requires a unique monetisation model. A chain agnostic solution that can tailor the economy and tech to the needs of each game is lacking.
  2. 2.
    Needing to buy Digital Assets on unfamiliar marketplaces in order to play. These barriers to entry prevent gamers from playing to earn, increase acquisition costs and limit growth for developers. A comprehensive solution to remove or reduce these barriers must be implemented.
  3. 3.
    Compliance is difficult. There are many countries’ regulations to follow, with the challenge of implementing proper KYC/AML systems. A systematic framework of global compliance that developers can simply plug into is necessary, so they can focus on building games instead of worrying over legalities.
  4. 4.
    Cheating in games is a serious issue of trust and can be a significant financial drain on the market. An effective anti-cheat system is required to protect the reputation and sustainability of a legitimate game economy.
  5. 5.
    Lack of interoperability between open economy and collaboration with other game developers and ecosystems. Interoperability would allow users to stay longer and earn more.
  6. 6.
    There is no way for gamers to seamlessly start playing, co-creating games, and monetising their play while increasing the revenue of developers.
  7. 7.
    The gaming industry needs a comprehensive, accessible web 3.0 solution for the industry in its current state, not just for a distant metaverse. A way to bridge the gaps between gamers, game developers, and financial freedom while reducing the barriers to entry and driving the adoption of blockchain gaming right now.

The is_engine

The is_engine is a powerful self-service API for game devs to implement monetisation features into their games and start earning within minutes, without extra coding. The platform is accessible to all parties, from indie developers to AAA studios.
It proposes to deliver a broad scope of features to monetise within games utilising the full potential of DLT's. Players can turn their in-game winnings into tokens or fiat currency to realise actual profit.
Virtually any game can be deployed with the is_engine. Once the framework is set, game developers can upload their work for evaluation and release on the is_games platform.
With this open economy, new money and users flowing into the gaming market through the is_engine will increase the value of the ecosystem, forcing other gaming platforms to join the open market. This way, we will contribute to the future evolution of a true community owned ecosystem.

Features of the is_engine

  • Insert Payment gateway — easily onboard mainstream players with zero crypto knowledge.
  • Prize Pools — incentivise competition or leverage players’ appetite for risk.
  • PVP Pools — allow players to compete against each other for a closed pool.
  • Tokenisation — build advanced, co-created game economies & facilitate trade of goods and services within the game and outside of it by tokenising your in-game currency.
  • NFTs — mint NFTs (items, modifiers, land, avatars, skins, and unlimited other options) to sell to players or let players create their own NFTs (guild ownership, guild membership rewards, merchandise etc.).
  • Analytics — analytics tool for game developers that enables them to identify trends and patterns of community activities in their games, along with monitoring the current state of their in-game economy as well as their out-of-the-game market condition.
  • Leaderboards — boost players’ competitive spirit by saving their scoreboards on the blockchain. As it is permanent, they will fight for it like never before.
  • Local Law Enforcer — stay safe with pre-set rules for KYC/AML & automatically disable certain gaming features for players from particular regions.
  • SAFU Anti Cheat System — protect your community and profits with our proprietary Anti Cheat system designed by experienced cybersecurity experts.


Game developer with games already connected to is_engine that finds the web3 solutions interesting for further development of his game can easily insert NFTs through our infrastructure.
Developers can create a series of in-game items and tools for further use, exchange, barter, and share in an open market.


Game developers can instantly create and distribute tokens associated with their titles. There multiple options for token creation including:
Total Supply Ticker Price Distribution
If your are happy with the tokens performance and ready to take it a step further, you can implement multiple web3 tools from our roster, to turn your tokens into crypto currencies.


Every game owner/developer needs to keep track of their game traffic, in-game currency condition and in-game economy performance. Especially when every game gets an opportunity to launch their own in-game currency with tailored is_engine solutions.
The Insert Stonks team is building an easy to use and transparent analytics tool that enables the measurement of every available piece of data received from users and exchanges. With this tool, game developers will be able to identify trends and patterns of community activities in their game, along with monitoring the current state of their in-game economy, as well as their out-of-the-game market conditions.
This information will help game owners improve their game and user experience while focusing on profitability and efficiency for their business. As an addition to basic data analysis, avatar trends and game mode data will help game owners plan their NFT strategy more efficiently.


Gamers love to show off their skills, reflected in scores that can be viewed by their friends and the community at large. It encourages players to compete and build their personal image, which in turn increases engagement.
Games enhanced with the is_engine will safely store players’ scores in the is_games ecosystem, never to be changed. Scores will contribute to player rankings for both games free-to play and pay-to-play.
Players can publicise their scores, have an overall weighted score, and leave comments and reviews for games for community-building. Those with the best scores can receive rewards in cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Prize Pools

Key goal of prize pools is to enhance competitive gaming in games, increase gaming sessions and increasing exposure to new players.
We have developed multiple PrizePool options for developers.
Sponsored prize pools - up-paid with a reward by the developer himself, by Insert Stonks as a kickstart for a developer or by sponsors that want to advertise to the gamer community.
Paid entry prize pools - in this mode, developers can create prize pools that will enable players to enter PvP matchmaking with a predetermined entry fee. The pot is distributed among the winners with a cut going towards the developer.
Item prize pools - developers can open the prize pool with rewards in multiple forms like: gaming accessories, NFTs or whitelist access to new game features.
Developers can determine the time period that prize pools are open and the rules that define participation.
On top of that, we offer algorithms that allow developers to determine how the prize pools are distributed among the unique players. It can be distributed either by top score players or random players or by both in order to incentivise also less skilled players to participate in all kind of prize pools.

Compliance with the Local Law Enforcer

Compliance is essential for a fair and sustainable gaming environment, across all jurisdictions. Laws must be respected in order for everyone to be protected and enjoy taking part in the ecosystem.
Insert Stonks ensures compliance with local laws and regulations in every corner of the world. Depending on the player’s local gambling regulations, players may be prohibited from any betting aspect or placing wagers based on IP. Alternative free-to-play options can be made available for players to earn tokens.

SAFU anti-cheat

Cheaters pose a significant risk to security and profitability. Insert Stonks is developed with leading anti-cheat developers to provide a seamless and fair experience for all players.
  • External anti-cheat launcher to deal with any executables for Windows and Mac OS platforms.
  • Developers can use the SDK for Unity, Unreal Engine, and other game engines to integrate it into the gameplay.
  • Removes 99% of all cheaters.
  • External memory access prevention to prevent in-memory code patching and tampering with values.
  • Detection and prevention for specific threats including:
    • Speed Hacks
    • Wall Hacks (disabling physical colliders)
    • Game Code Binaries Patching
  • Player Behavior Analytics SDK for different game engines. The backend analyzes data and detects suspicious behavior.
  • Anti-cheating measures and blockchain-based logs of game code updates will ensure protection of the economies.

Payment Gateways

  • The Insert Stonks payment gateway is composed of multiple payment and withdrawal options. Users are be able to deposit funds by bank transfer, PayPal, or simply transfer their crypto onto the hot wallet.
  • In time, the project will include a dedicated card with a 250 EUR daily spending limit.
  • The ecosystem will require users to undergo KYC checks before being given the ability to make large deposits or withdrawals

is_games Platform

Insert Stonks is the platform surrounding the is_engine.
This ecosystem includes the following elements:
  • The is_wallet — a radically simplified wallet system that creates a smooth onboarding experience for players
  • Fiat & Crypto Payment Gateways — pay in any currency or crypto; withdraw winnings anytime
  • is_market & NFT Marketplace — trade your assets & currencies freely
  • STNX token — platform utility token serving games connected to is_engine
  • Launchpad & Platforms - decentralized non-dilutive, debt-free fundraising solution for game developers combined with a marketing & listing platform
  • Community Incentives • The First Insert Stonks game as Proof of Concept for the STONK Engine • Road 2 Moon
The is_engine will enable all game developers to implement monetization technology into any game quickly and cheaply with no extra coding. All digital assets in each game, created using the is_engine, will be exchangeable in the open market. The value of our platform will increase as new games and users join, and as they generate and exchange more value.
Players can make real money playing their favorite games enabled with the is_engine. This will act as a powerful incentive for users to play on the is_games Platform, for higher engagement. They will stay longer, spend more as an investment to win/earn more, invite friends and migrate from other platforms where players are only allowed to spend money, not make it. The resulting user growth will encourage more developers to integrate is_engine into their games, and deploy new Play and Earn versions of their games on the platform in order to access more users with greater engagement and LTV potential.
This creates an effective cycle:
More great games → more players and developers on the platform → even more great games
Game developers will compete for better monetisation models. They will be even more incentivised to create engaging games. This will enhance player experience and naturally eliminate game developers that are not profitable for their communities, dishonest, or do not engage with users. Thanks to an open economy and free flow of value, game developers will also be able to collaborate, launch joint game experiences, assets, competitions and much more.


The Insert Stonks wallet is a beginner-friendly web-based wallet that every player unfamiliar with web 3.0 will immediately know how to use. It’s similar to any in-game payments systems gamers are used to. No need to create a Metamask wallet, no need to register on exchanges, no need to buy & transfer any crypto. Simply connect a credit card, transfer fiat currency and start playing. is_wallet can be embedded within the games to make the onboarding experience as smooth as possible.

STNX Token

STONK Token (STNX) will be the ecosystem utility token. STNX will be minted on Solana and wrapped on multiple other chains.
This utility token, by spending or locking, will enable multiple features of the ecosystem including:
  • Ecosystem and in-game Transactions
  • VIP and early Accesses to games and presales
  • In-game and ecosystem Benefits and Permissions
  • Access to crowdfunding Support for upcoming games
  • Prize-Pools, Tournamens and PvP accesses
  • Trading and listing on is_marketplace
Initially the ecosystem will facilitate stablecoins and fiat as the operating currency. When a sufficient amount of games will be reached, STNX will be introduced to the users as a utility token of the ecosystem with the above mentioned utilities.


Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 STNX Ecosystem Distribution:
Presale 163,674,603 STNX --> 16,37% of total supply (18+ months linear vesting period from TGE)
Operational Reserve 250,000,000 STNX → 25.00% of total supply
Purpose: Tokens intended for long-term project support. Tokens will be allocated in a Dev Wallet or wherever needed to support the project operations and strength of the economy (prize-pool, investors, events, next funding rounds and more). Vesting: Tokens will be unlocked based on the requirement of the development team
Ecosystem 240,492,064 STNX → 24.05% of total supply
Purpose: Intended for ecosystem support and development (staking, rewards, suppliers and more. It will be utilised for public airdrops that will be performed ONLY during presale and launchpad Vesting: Tokens will be unlocked on a requirement basis
Exchanges 100,000,000 STNX → 10.00% of total supply
Purpose: To provide liquidity across exchanges Vesting: Depending on the exchange requirements. Team Tokens 120,833,333 STNX → 12.08% of total supply
Purpose: To provide liquidity across exchanges Vesting: Depending on the exchange requirements.
External Experts and Advisory Board 50,000,000 STNX → 5.00% of total supply
Purpose: Allocated towards External Experts and Advisory Board Vesting: 0% at TGE followed by 24 month vesting with monthly linear release
Marketing and Promotion 75,000,000 STNX → 7.50% of total supply
Purpose: Tokens are allocated for marketing purposes and will be minted on a requirement basis. Vesting: 1-week cliff followed by 12 months linear vesting

Community Incentive

For a more fun, engaging, and rewarding user experience, voting power is given to the community via STNX.
STNX deposited and kept in one’s hot wallet can be used to decide what happens with the community fund pools as they get pumped up. Users can:
• Increase marketing budgets
• Increase potential wins (only applicable where regulations allow)
• Organize tournaments
• Fund further game development or sequels
• Organize events
• Build freely in the Ecosystem
• Build TRUST their score
• Gain access to pre-releases and benefits for locking the token in the ecosystem
• Over time, more elements will be added to the open economy

Built by Gamers, For Gamers

We’re a team of experts working in the game, tech, marketing, and blockchain industries. Together, we’ve found a universal financial solution for games that easily implements game economies and payments.
We wanted to capture the joy of gaming we had as children, combined with the possibility of profit in a fair and sustainable manner.
Join us!
This white paper will be subject to revisions as the project progresses.
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